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Below is a sample EZ Member Directory that shows a Chamber of Commerce list of more than 400 members. The directory is displayed in alphabetical order by business name from A to Z. You can scroll up and down the directory to find a member's information, or you can "Search" for a specific member by clicking on "Enter Search Term" and typing in a few characters of their name. You can also find all of the members from a particular business type in the chamber by using the "Category" function and selecting the appropriate business types shown in the drop down menu (e.g. - Auto Repair, Attorney, Restaurants, etc...).

    • If you want to view this page on your mobile phone - either Android or iOS - visit this webpage on your mobile phone and click below where it says "CLICK HERE FOR PHONE APP VIEW". The EZ Member Directory shown below will load and display on your mobile phone.
    • At the bottom of this page there are instructions on how to Add the Directory ICON to your Home Screen on your mobile device so that it can be loaded in the future by simply pressing on the ICON.
    • The time required to load the directory is dependent upon your Internet / WiFi speed.
      • The 400 member directory shown below will vary from 4 to 8 seconds to load.

If you would like to save a bookmark for the EZ Member Directory ICON on the Home Screen of your mobile phone, look at the instructions shown below on how to do so on your Android and iOS devices.

The EZ Member Directory can be saved on your desktop / laptop computer. Bookmark the EZ Member Directory on your Internet browser and add it to your Favorites Bar so that you can always easily access your EZ Member Directory.

Your organization can limit the distribution of the EZ Member Directory based upon who you sent the App Script to.... Or you can make the EZ Member Directory available to the world! All without any cost to the member, employee, or interested person you want to have access to the Directory. For example:

  • A business may want to have a staff directory of all employees that is only distributed to department managers and senior staff.
  • A private membership group, country club, etc..., can provide a directory to all members via email.
  • A group such as a Chamber of Commerce can create an EZ Member Directory that they make available widely to both the members of their Chamber, as well as all people on their email lists. A link to the EZ Member Directory for the Chamber can even be placed on the Chamber's webpage so that people in the community can easily view and access the directory on their mobile devices and desktop computers.

EZ Member Directory Benefits

    • There is NO COST to the members to have the EZ Member Directory on their phones, tablets and desktop/laptop computers.
    • Eliminates the costs, time and effort associated with printing and distributing paper membership directories on an annual basis.
    • Directory information can be updated and becomes available to users instantly! No more waiting until the next printing to make corrections.
        • New Members can be added at any time.
        • Old Members can be deleted from the directory at any time.
        • Member information (phone, email, address, website, etc...) and be updated and available instantly.
    • Active data fields - phone, email, txt, address, website, etc... - can be used to dial the phone, send a text or email, load a Google Map, etc...
    • The data and format displayed can be customized for an additional fee to meet the unique requirements of different groups and organizations.

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