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Administrator Help

You can use the example email below to let your members know about the new phone directory. Copy and paste the text it into your email.

Be sure to add the PHONE APP VIEW LINK to your email before you send it to your members. You will get this link form the email I will send to you after I've created and tested your EZ Member Directory.

If you need help feel free to call or email me 727-392-6325.

Subject: Group Smartphone Directory

We are providing you the opportunity to quickly access contact information of others in our organization on your smart phone. This directory is free to you and will give you the current information you need.

To view the directory on your phone, open this email on your phone and click this link:


To save this directory to your phone home screen view the instructions below

Apple Devices

Android Devices

For more information visit www.ezmemberdirectory.com

How to upload pictures and get the correct image link.

If you want to add multiple images to your directory contact me for a quicker way to do that.

This area will show you how to add images to your directory one at a time.

  1. Make sure you are logged into your Google Account and click on Google Photos.
  2. Select 'UPLOAD" to find the image on your computer you want to have in your directory.
  3. Put the image into your shared album.
  4. Go into the album were your image are located and select the image you want.
  5. CLICK ON THE PHOTO FROM WITHIN THAT DIRECTORY. (It should be alone on the page with a black background)
  6. Right Mouse Click and "Copy image address".
  7. Once the URL address is copied onto your clipboard, navigate to your spreadsheet and with Ctrl+V paste the image address into the correct cell.