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Put directory contact information on your member's mobile devices...

...with the EZ Member Directory.

The EZ Member Directory app can quickly transform your paper-based directory and put it on your member's mobile devices

It's quick and easy to use –

    • Members easily access each other’s contact information on their Android and iOS mobile / WiFi enabled devices.

    • Contact information has live-links – just touch to make a call, send an email, load a Facebook page, website. Directory and data fields can be customized for your organizations.

    • Eliminate the expense of printing and distributing paper-based directories and using out-of-date contact information.

    • Member data can easily and quickly be updated by the administrator so that the directory is always current.

No cost to your members and staff

Great for all types of

    • Clubs & Krewes

    • Chambers of Commerce

    • Trade Associations

    • Booster Clubs

    • Schools, PTA's

    • Staff Directories

    • Churches

    • Condo & HOA's

    • Fraternities and Sororities

    • Scouting Organizations

    • Youth Soccer

    • Alumni / Retirees

    • Motorcycle Clubs

    • RV Associations

    • And many more...

Get started today!

When you are ready to go we will import your spreadsheet based directory contact list into our EZ Member Directory System. We create a custom format for the display of your member / staff contact information on mobile devices. In most cases we can have your membership directory set up for your organization with in a matter of a few days.

Create your directory list

    • Here's an example Excel sheet to get started - Click Here

    • You maintain control of your spreadsheet and all your information.

What you get...

    • We create custom directories for your organization that are viewable on all devices.

    • Ability to integrate Google Calendars, or other web based calendars.

    • Support needed to help you get started and keep your account running smoothly and up to date - call with your questions or if you need any help - 727-392-6325.

What it costs...

    • ONE TIME directory set up fee of $450.00

    • Annual account fee of $150.00 (paid annually or $13.00 per month)

    • Phone apps are free to your users - as many as you need!

It's That Simple!

Additional Membership Directory Services Available

Let Us Help You Compile Your Up-To-Date Membership Directory Information.


No problem, we can help you collect and compile the needed membership directory information! We can create a form to prompt your members to provide you with the contact information you would like included in your EZ Member Directory system.

We can even help with your photo directory.

Contact us for additional details and a quote on how we can help.


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For additional information call Sue Etter at 727-392-6325 or email info@EZMemberDirectory.com.