Your Google Apps for Work Account has been set up.

The new email address and log in is:

Google sign in

If you ever need to change this password please let me know as I will need to update it on the directory side. Once the set up is complete, I will not be signing into your account unless there is a problem or you ask me to look into some issue.

Once logged in, visit your Admin console at https://admin.google.com/AdminHome

You need to set up your billing this must be done during the 30 free trial.   All you need for this account is the $5.00 per month set up.  Let me know if you want any help setting this up and I can walk you through it. You should also review or update your Company Profile.

There is also a place to review your email information:
Update your personal information

You will need to download the PC Program:
EZ Administrators click here to download the PC program.
1. Save the folder
2. Unzip the folder
3. Run the .exe file

Let me know when you have all this background stuff done. I will walk you through the PC Program features and we’ll take a look at your directory together and make any changes necessary to make it look exactly how you want it.  We can set the email on this account to be forwarded to your personal email and also set notifications on the directory sheet so you know when a member changes their information.  Let's be sure to review these options.

Feel free to call or email me with any questions.

Sue Etter
EZ Member Directory