PC Program and Updates

Google is always upgrading and improving their Google Apps tools and in order to keep up with the changes we need to update the EZ Member Directory Builder PC Program.  To update your Directory Builder Software to the most current version you will need to delete the version that you are currently using and then download and install the new updated version (V 1.0.2).  (Note - If you have multiple people within your group / organization using the Directory Builder Program please make sure that they update their Directory Builder Program software, as well).   

Important changes to the delete process on our program, please update asap!
If you already have EZ Member Directory Builder Program on your PC

1.  Delete the current program - Start>Control Panel>Programs and Features - Click on EZ Member Directory and select 'Uninstall'.
2.  Because the new program is the same name I would suggest restarting your computer after deleting old program.
3.  Click the link below to download and install the newest version of EZ Member Directory.

Here is the link for the EZ Member Directory Program FOR PC's ONLY.
CLICK HERE FOR PC PROGRAM Last update 7/2/2014

How to see if you are using the correct version:
Open your program and look under the About link.  You should see the last update 7/2/2014