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Limited Time Offer!  
Let us help you set up your basic
EZ Member Directory System at no cost!

We are experts at setting in EZ Member Directory System up and would like to offer your organization our no-cost assistance in getting your system set-up for evaluation purposes.

Here’s what we can do for your organization.
  • We will set-up a 14 day evaluation Google Apps for Business account on behalf of your organization. This will permit us to install the EZ Member Directory Builder Program for your organization and establish your custom EZ Member Directory layout. You will have 14 days to review the EZ Member Directory System without obligation.
  • You will need to provide us with a copy of your membership directory information as a spreadsheet file.*   We guarantee you that your membership information will remain private and not be used for any purpose other than our assisting you in setting your directory up. 
  • This will allow you and members of your organization to view it on the Android and iPhone Apps on your smart phones in order to see if you would like to use our system.
In most cases we can have a demonstration membership directory set up for your organization within a matter of a few days so that you can review the system.  If you like it, then you can keep it.  

For more information contact:
Phone - 727-392-6325

Click here  for the Google Form set up with the header rows requirements. Use this Google Template to start your information sheet.
     If you are not a Google From user, click here to download an excel file to work with.

Additional Membership Directory Services Available

Let Us Help You Compile Your Up-To-Date Membership Directory Information.
Does your group have a current, up-to-date membership directory database? If not, we can help you easily collect and compile the needed membership directory information.   If you have a list of all of your member’s email addresses available we can work with you to create a Google Form to be emailed to all of your members. This form will prompt them to provide you with the contact information you would like included in your EZ Member Directory system. When members return the completed contact information form, we can quickly assemble it in a Google Spreadsheet for your review and editing. Contact us for additional details on how we can help.

Would You Like To Have Your Membership Directory Created For You? We can help with that too!

If you would like to have your group’s EZ Member Directory System created for you, we can provide the necessary services for doing so.  We will help you create a Google Contact Information Form that gets emailed to your members, layout your directory, and get all of the information entered into the system.   Our turn-key services are surprisingly affordable.   Contact us for additional details.

Would You Like A Secure, Members Only, EZ Membership Directory On Your Website?
If you would like to have a secure, password protected membership directory as an on-line website, we can help create one for your group. This is handy for those few members who may not have smart phones, to be able to access other member’s contact information. We can create either a standalone membership directory website for your organization, or create an EZ Member Directory section as part of your existing website. Your Google Sites Membership Directory website would operate off of the same membership directory database used by your EZ Member Directory System. Our Spreadsheet Reader Gadget for Google Sites will be implemented on your membership directory website so the information displayed will always be the same as your membership directory database. Contact us for additional details.