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1.  Can the layout of our membership directory be customized ?

  • The EZ Member Directory app allows the Admin (system administrator) to customize the directory to meet the organization’s specific requirements. An organization is able to select from 44 different possible fields of information – including up to 9 JPEG images and photos. The Admin selects the fields of information for the directory, populates it with existing contact information, and then the member can add additional information they choose to share in the directory.
 2.  How is our membership data protected?
  • When the Admin first sets up the  EZ Member Directory on their computer they must create and use a Google Account for doing so. Google Accounts are username and password protected – the same exact security provided to all of the people who use Google, MSN, Bing, Yahoo, or virtually any other similar service. The only people who are authorized to see the membership directory data in the Google account are people that they Admin chooses to provide that permission to. The membership directory information is PRIVATE and not visible to anyone other than the people the Admin provides privileges to. The member’s contact information is only available to other members in directory.
 3.  Can we create multiple membership directories and layouts?
  • Yes.  The EZ Member Directory app allows your organization to create different directories, and each one of those directories can have their own unique layout. This feature allows companies and organizations that have members in different committees, groups, departments, offices, or divisions, to build unique layouts with members in the appropriate groups.
  4.  Can we add new members who join our organization, or delete
        members who no longer belong?

  • Yes.  The Admin can easily add a new member to the directory at any time. As soon as the member’s information is added – that information becomes available to all of the members in that directory.
  • When a member leaves the organization, the Admin is able to remove that member’s page from the membership database and they will no longer be able to access the organization’s directory.
  5.  How is a member’s information updated after the EZ Member
         Directory app has been created?

  • The program allows the Admin to update member information – and, each member is able to update his or her own contact information, no one else can. The Admin can quickly and easily modify a member’s information by simply selecting “Update Directory Members” in the program, and revise the information. The member can update their information directly themselves using the “Update Record” function. Users cannot update their email address or photo as that is part of the EZ Member Directory app’s security feature. Information that is changed is then immediately updated to the central Membership Directory database.
  • The EZ Member Directory Builder program can also be set up to provide the Admin with an email notification anytime a member changes their information.
 6.  Where is our membership information stored?
  • The EZ Member Directory app's membership information is stored in your organization’s private, password-protected Google Apps for Business account. 
  7.    Are there any on-going or recurring fees to use the EZ Member    
          Directory app?

  •  No!  The EZ Member Directory Builder program is free!  The EZ Member Directory app is provided for a one-time fee.  The cost to purchase and download the EZ Member Directory app is the purchase price paid ($4.99) from the Google Play or the App Store.
 8.  Do we have to pay to have our membership information stored
        on a server?

  • Your organizations Google Apps for Business account is a product provided by Google and there is currently an annual fee of $50.00 per year for a Google Apps for Business Account.  Your organizations membership directory information will be stored in your organization's  password protected Google Apps for Business account. (up to 5 GB)
  9.   Can the information in the EZ Member Directory app be used
          in conjunction with a website?

  • Yes.  If you have an existing Google Sites website or wish to create one, each time a visitor goes to your EZ Member Directory website, the directory will display the member’s most current information.
10.   Can we create a printed membership directory for our members
           who don’t have Android or iPhones?

  • Yes!  The EZ Member Directory program running on your computer has the ability to take the information stored in your EZ Member Directory spreadsheet database and output that information in a .PDF formatted document that you can have printed as a membership directory, or emailed to your members to print the directory on their printers at home or in their office.
11.   How do we know if members are changing the information
           displayed on their records?

  • The EZ Member Directory program running on your computer can be set up so the Admin is automatically sent an email whenever a directory member changes their information. This feature allows the Admin to review contact changes made to the EZ Member Directory app.