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 1.   How do I get the EZ Member Directory App on my phone?
  • You can purchase the EZ Member Directory App from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) and the iTunes App Store (for iPhones and iPads) for $4.99.
 2.  Is my information secure? Can anybody other than members of my group
        see my information?

  • Only you or the Admin (System Administrator) can change your contact information, and only members of the organization can view the contact information on the EZ Member Directory.
 3.   Will the EZ Member Directory app allow me to dial phones, send text
        messages and emails
  • Yes! Phone numbers, email addresses, website addresses and home address fields are “active fields” in the EZ Member Directory app. So if you press on a phone number, it will load your phone dialer program and allow you to place a call, or send a text message (if enabled on your phone). If you press on the email address field, it will load the email editor on your mobile device – and if you press the street address listed for a person in the directory, the app will automatically load a Google map for that address.
 4.  How do I make sure that the information in my directory is the latest and
       most up to date information available?

  • The EZ Member Directory app provides a “Refresh” function. When you press “refresh” the directory app will check the central membership directory in order to see if any changes have taken place since the last time you “refreshed” your membership directory. If updated records are available when you select the “refresh” button, those updated accounts will be loaded onto your mobile device automatically. 
 5.  Can I change the information shown on my directory page?
  • The EZ Member Directory app on the mobile phone has the ability to “Update Your Record” directly from the mobile device. So if you move, change phone numbers, or any of the other text based information on your account changes, you can update that information directly from your phone. As soon as you update that information the corrected information is available to all of the other people included in your membership directory. 
 6.  How do I update my photo on my directory page?
  • If you would like to change your photo, or other images, you can send the photo you would like displayed on your directory to the Admin and they will be able to insert those new images into your directory page for you.
7.  What search features are available?
  • The directory provides a “Search” function that will search for exact matches to any text information you want to “Search” on, such as spouse name, committee, city, etc. Also, along the right hand side of the directory is alphabetical search by letter (e.g. – A to Z).  If you press on any letter of the alphabet the App will bring up all of the member’s records whose last name begins with that letter.
  8.  Can I be included in multiple membership directories – like one for a club I
        belong to and one for the company I work for?

  • Yes. If you are included in membership directories from different groups you can use the same EZ Member Directory App on your mobile device to view and use those directories. All you have to do click on the icon of the directory you wish to access, and up it pops!



In case you missed the summary video on the Home Page, this shows how you can make changes, updates and do different types of searches – click the video play button below.