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Five ways the EZ Member Directory app 
can help your organization:

1.  Members easily access each other’s contact information on their smartphones.  Members just tap their smart phone screen to make a call, shoot a text or send an email. It saves time for everyone when up-to-date contact information is at their fingertips. Plus, you can have a sub group as a link to your website's event calendar listed – click on it for dates, times and descriptions of events, how cool is that?!
2.  Improve communication between members in the organization.  Members working on projects, organizing or attending events, or just meeting for social activities – everything runs much smoother when communication is improved, and member contact information is easily accessed. With the EZ Member Directory app, the Admin can create sub-directories for committees, groups or even for new members. Photos can be added for each member, for either security identification, or just helping members recall names with photos.

3.  Secure directory-wide updates keeps member’s contact information current.  Each member is initially sent an access code for setup so they can control and update their own contact information. The admin can add new members immediately, or remove members from the directory when they leave the organization. 

4.  Eliminate the expense of paper-based directories and using out-of-date information.  Many organizations have printed membership directories, names accessible by computer, or member’s names mixed in with their other phone contacts – and many times the information is out-of-date. Reduce the cost of printing and distributing a paper-based directory and provide members with a time-saving mobile directory, that goes where they go.

5.  The EZ Member Directory app provides a flexible layout with an easy-add contacts feature.  Every organization has different directory needs to fit their members – and you determine what information you want to share. You can have up to 3 phone numbers, email, address, website URL, company, titles, birthday, 2 emergency contacts, spouse or parent names, up to 9 photos, and even connect to the event calendar on your website – for a total of 44 possible fields of information. It’s easy – choose what you need with just the click of a button. We even make it quick to populate the EZ Member Directory app with your existing spreadsheet or database – and we are here to help you (in Florida), when you need us.

What some EZ Member Directory app users had to say:

“The EZ Member Directory – This app is phenomonial – it really is!”                                              Jim T., Club member, business executive

“I am the web master for our organization, and the availability of having our member data base on my iPhone versus using a printed membership book makes my hectic life easier and faster.”                  Alan Z., Club member and webmaster

“Well designed and very useful app.This is a great app for any group."                                        Apple Apps Store, Mike@madbeach