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How the EZ Membership Directory app
can help you save time and hassles:

1.  In one place on your phone, quickly contact members with just a touch –cell phone numbers, email, text, Facebook, website, club calendar of events and other info.  Our easy-to-use member directory app allows you to conveniently stay in touch with other members in your organization. Just tap your smart phone screen to connect – you can even click an address to get a Google map to pop up. 

2.  Communicate with other members with a mobile-directory.  The 
EZ Member Directory app also has the option of displaying photos of members, spouses and other family members – making it easy to put a name to a face as well as know who is with whom. When used for youth teams, church groups and scouting organizations – the directory can display the parent’s names, photos and their contact information. More important, the directory can provide emergency contact information, as well as critical information such as nut allergies, diabetes, and other health alerts.

3.  Find other member’s contact information fast with scrolling, push-button search and direct connect features.  This is app great for working on projects, organizing or attending events, with the member contact info in one place on your phone. You can even create sub-directories for committees, groups, or teams.

 4.  Keep your contact information current with the directory-wide update feature.  It’s easy to update your information, and it’s automatically displayed in everyone’s directory as soon as you click Ok.

5.  Eliminate carrying around an out dated, paper-based directory.  With a paper-base directory you have to carry it around, sometimes misplacing it, leaving it at home, or worse – losing it.  With the EZ Member Directory app, now you can quickly find a member’s phone number, email, or website.

What some EZ Member Directory app users had to say:

“I highly recommend this for clubs, groups, sports teams or any organization that wants members to have easy access to up-to-date contact information.”                              Google Play Store - Kevin M.,   Soccer Coach

“Incredible! I also sit on the boards of four local civic groups and have sent your information on to each of them with the recommendation they implement the system!”                      Greg F.,  Attorney

“Your app works fantastic!  What a great idea!”                                                                  Jim C., Mobile phone retail franchise operator