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Etter Ventures:  We’ve been developing websites for more than a decade for a broad range of organizations – including a number of different private membership groups and clubs that we are members of.   As part of those website development efforts we were also involved in helping those groups develop their membership directories – both printed and on-line versions. 

Our experience helping to create those membership directories highlighted the problems associated with the old-style, traditional printed membership directory.  They were time consuming to produce, expensive to print and distribute, and out of date from the day that they were printed.  When the member’s contact information changed, they had to alert the membership chairperson of the changes.  Many times those changes slipped through the cracks because membership responsibilities changed or the process of logging changes for the next printing wasn’t formalized.  Regardless, it was always a time consuming and intensive process.

Based upon our own personal experience with creating these membership directories we believed that there must be a better way, so we started looking for any readily available solutions that would address the problems we had encountered.  Much to our surprise – there weren’t any great solution available from any source that would do what we needed.  So with a team of programmers, we decided to create the EZ Member Directory!

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