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Put your membership's
contact information on your phone...

. . . with a mobile membership directory for business, clubs and  organizations.

The EZ Member Directory app can transform your paper-based directory, contact
list or spreadsheet and put it on your member's smart phones.

It's quick and easy to use –  

Members easily access each other’s contact information on their iPhone or Android phone – and it's password protected to keep out spam calls or marketing emails.  

Contact information has live-links – just touch to make a call, send an email, Facebook page, website or even get directions and a map to a listed address. Member's determine what information they want to share with other members. 
Eliminate the expense of printing and distributing paper-based directories and using out-of-date contact information.

Because members can update their own contact information, the directory is always current.  The administrator can get notices of these changes.

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Great for these
 Types of Groups
  & Organizations

     Booster Clubs
     Schools, PTA's
     Condo & HOA's
     Boy scouts
     Girl Scouts
      Youth Soccer
     Sports Leagues
     Family & Friends
     Private Clubs
     Trade Assoc.
      Alumni / Retirees
     Motorcycle Clubs
     RV Associations
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